72 Shuhada

72 Heroes of Kerbala

Welcome to the Al-Abbas Islamic Center in Birmingham. We are a friendly and close knit community embarking on a building project for our mosque to meet our current and the future needs of our Community and we need your help. One of the titles of Hazrat Abbas (AS) is Kafeel, the guarantor. His valor, bravery, […]

What Abbas means to me

Al-Abbas Islamic center of Birmingham are launching an initiative that involves the creation of a small video clip that covers ‘What Abbas means to me?’ This video can be in various forms including prose or poetry. It is open to all ages. This clip should be no more than 90 seconds long, and should cover […]

"Allow us to take you on a journey through the exciting new Abbasi Islamic centre.

Let us explore how it will meet the needs of our community for many generations to come, InshAllah (s)."


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 A haven for community members to engage in communal and individual worship of Allah (s). It is a tranquil place for prayer, supplication and quiet contemplation.

The insertion of a mezzanine floor to provide for our short term capacity needs is now complete. The report and accounts are available at the link below.