The majority project is being built at our current site on 17 Clifton Road. In addition, the multipurpose hall is being built on the site of a property which is currently on rent to a tenant.

We had a community referendum in March 2013 where detailed information was presented to our members in relation to the pros and cons of staying at Clifton Road versus moving. The community voted by a margin of 70% to 30% in favour of staying at the current site on Clifton Road.

We have followed a mixture of best practice from The World Federation of KSIMC and RIBA (Royal Institute Of British Architects).

In the case of The World Federation, we have followed the Capital Projects Process as approved at the 2006 WF Conference. This involved an extensive needs analysis and project planning exercise that has ensured that our project is financially viable and suitable for the needs of the Community.

We have Ijaza for using Khums money for the Imambargha, Masjid and Ghusl Khana Facilities. Please click here to read the letter from the World Federation.